Document Title : Mukkai S. Krishnamoorthy Mukkai S. Krishnamoorthy

Mukkai S. Krishnamoorthy

moorthy at
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology

Office Hours: Tuesday, Friday 2-3:30 pm


  1. Problem Solving web graph of my website for click and shoot
  2. Compiler Technology
  3. Combinatorial and Algebraic Algorithms


I am deeply interested in
  1. Open Source Software Practices at RPI
  2. RCOS meetings are in DCC 318 at 4:00 pm on Every Tuesday , Friday during Fall and Spring

I have been working on Table Recognition with a group from RPI and BYU on Tango project supported by NSF.
I have been working Prof. Ron Eglash of the STS department on an NSF suported project (NSF GK-12) called triple helix. Details of the project may be found in triple helix . Prof Eglash's csdt site will give the nature and scope of NSF GK-12 project.

My other fun activities

Research Seminar (9/11/01) The two graphs corresponding to the may be found in graph 1 and graph 2. Summary of the course web site can be found in structure report . The slides may be accessed from Talk only from CS sites (meaning cslab suns).

ASHE was designed by John Punin and myself and developed by John Punin.

Here is a game (scientific american March 97 Mathematical recreations Game) that I implemented. Picking Game Please let me know Mukkai Krishnamoorthy . Thanks.

Here is a game (M. Krishnamoorthy, Subh, A Game on Digraphs, Journal of Recreational Maths Vol.28(2), 85-92, 96-97) that I implemented Subh

Here is a small java program (written originally in modula2 by N. Wirth and I hand translated from modula 2) Space-filling Curve

Fuzzy Clustering by Mary Anne Egan & Mike Kondorf