Document Title : Mukkai S. Krishnamoorthy Mukkai S. Krishnamoorthy

Mukkai S. Krishnamoorthy
Associate Professor(Retired)
Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology

Here is a Graph Theory book in a story setting free to browse/download. Graph Theory Book in a story form If you have any comments, please let me know


  1. Problem Solving web graph of my website for click and shoot
  2. Compiler Technology
  3. Combinatorial and Algebraic Algorithms


I Have retired from RPI

I am deeply interested in
  1. Open Source Software Practices at RPI
  2. RCOS meetings are in DCC 318 at 4:00 pm on Every Tuesday , Friday during Fall and Spring

I have been working on Table Recognition with a group from RPI and BYU on Tango project supported by NSF.
I have been working Prof. Ron Eglash of the STS department on an NSF suported project (NSF GK-12) called triple helix. Details of the project may be found in triple helix . Prof Eglash's csdt site will give the nature and scope of NSF GK-12 project.

My other fun activities

Research Seminar (9/11/01) The two graphs corresponding to the may be found in graph 1 and graph 2. Summary of the course web site can be found in structure report . The slides may be accessed from Talk only from CS sites (meaning cslab suns).

ASHE was designed by John Punin and myself and developed by John Punin.

Here is a game (scientific american March 97 Mathematical recreations Game) that I implemented. Picking Game Please let me know Mukkai Krishnamoorthy . Thanks.

Here is a game (M. Krishnamoorthy, Subh, A Game on Digraphs, Journal of Recreational Maths Vol.28(2), 85-92, 96-97) that I implemented Subh

Here is a small java program (written originally in modula2 by N. Wirth and I hand translated from modula 2) Space-filling Curve

Fuzzy Clustering by Mary Anne Egan & Mike Kondorf