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Boleslaw K. Szymanski

Dr. Szymanski's research interests span from network science, with emphasis on social networks and computer wireless and sensor networks to analysis and design of distributed and parallel algorithms, simulation of computers, networks and biological/ecological phenomena.

His projects include dynamic processes on networks, communities in social networks, and large-scale parallel and distributed computing and simulation. Dr. Szymanski led the development of DSIM, an innovative discrete event simulation system, SENSE for sensor network simulation, VOGUE for innovative HMM models and GANXiS and SpeakEasy algorithms for community detection.


The three most recent Ph.D. Graduates



    Dr. Szymanski is a director of the Social Cognitive Network Academic Research Center funded by the ARL Network Science Collaborative Technology Alliance. SCNARC research focuses on social network analysis, network discovery, network dynamics, trust and cognitive aspect of social networks.

  • ITA

    A collaborative partnership between the US Army Research Laboratories, the UK Ministry of Defense and a consortium of industries and universities in the US and UK.


    An efficient and powerful sensor network simulator that is also easy to use.

  • MilkyWay@home

    A research project using Internet-connected computers to do research in determining the evolution of the Milky way galaxy. The newest results are summarized here

  • Mutual Exclusion Algorithm

    Algorithm with linear wait that solved the open problem posed by Lamport in 1978.

Current Postdocs

  • Noemi Derzsy
  • Diego Fregolente

Current Graduate Students

  • Konstantin Kuzmin
  • Xiang Niu
  • Xiaoyan Lu
  • Ashwin Bahulkar
  • Miao Qi
  • Matthew V. Mohr