Boleslaw K. Szymanski

Dr. Szymanski's research interests span from network science, with emphasis on social networks and computer wireless and sensor networks to analysis and design of distributed and parallel algorithms, simulation of computers, networks and biological/ecological phenomena.

His projects include spread of opinion and other dynamic processes on networks, communities in social networks, and large-scale parallel and distributed computing and simulation. Dr. Szymanski led the development of the GANXIS and SpeakEasy community detection algorithms; the SENSE simulator for sensor network simulation, and VOGUE and Conceptor-based innovative HMM models.


The three most recent CS Ph.D. Graduates

Projects & Software

  • MetPetDB

    MetPetDB is a database for metamorphic petrology built by a global community of metamorphic petrologists and computer scientists at RPI, a part of the National Cyberinfrastructure Initiative of the NSF.

  • MilkyWay@home

    A research project that uses Internet-connected computers to trace the evolution of the Milkyway galaxy.

  • Mutual Exclusion Algorithm

    Algorithm with linear wait that solved the open problem posed by Lamport in 1978.

  • Parallel Toolkit for Community Quality Metrics

    Software for a Parallel Toolkit for Community Quality Metrics, including modularity Q and modularity density Qds for community detection.

Current Postdocs

  • Diego F.M. Oliveira

Current Graduate Researcher Assistants

  • James Flamino, Phys.
  • Amr Elsisy, CS
  • Daniel Tabin, CS
  • Brendan Cross, CS
  • Aamir Mandviwalla, CS
  • Bowen Gong, Eng.

Current Undergraduate Researchers

  • Fred Buchanan
  • Samuel Cohen
  • Lake Yin