4.491: Special Problems in Building Technology
Form-Finding and Structural Optimization: Gaudi Workshop

Course Announcement & contact information

Class website on Stellar

Monday Sept 13

John & Axel presented an introduction to the class.
Assignment 0: experiment with SodaPlay
handout: various readings

Monday Sept 20

Class discussion of SodaPlay models from Assignment 0.
Barb presented an overview of recent Computer Graphics Research (.pdf)
Assignment 1: Programming in Processing

Monday Sept 27

Classroom work on Processing with Simon.
Particle System Plugin documentation
Particle System Intro
To start a new program & use the particle system, make sure you add the particle system:
Sketch=>Add File & selectPlugins/PSystem/PSystem or Plugins/PSystem/PSystem.jar

Monday Oct 4

Class discussion of Processing Applets from Assignment 1.
More on Processing from Simon.
Initial Group Brainstorming

Monday Oct 11: No class

Monday Oct 18

Class presentations from Group Work
Assignment 2: Model Research & Construction

Monday Oct 25


Monday Nov 1st

Class discussion of Assignment 2
Simon's documentation for loading triangle meshes into Processing

Monday Nov 8th

formed final(??) groups.

Monday Nov 15th

Simon talked about explicit vs. implicit integration.
new processing particle systems with implicit solver:

A great reference: SIGGRAPH course notes on Physically Based Modeling (from Pixar)
Differential Equation Basics
Particle Dynamics
Implicit Methods

Monday Nov 22nd

In-class work day.

Monday Nov 29th

In-class work day.
On Tuesday Simon sent us these updates:
PSystem_strands.zip (also has export fix)

Some relevant papers:

Last Semester's websites: