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Academic Integrity


May 12The quizzes have been graded. The average was 37, standard deviation 8.
Approximate grades for Quiz 2: 38&up=A, 32&up=B.
Apr 26 An old quiz 2 has been posted on the calendar as study material. Note: Since the reading assignments vary from year to year, not all questions are applicable. The quiz will be closed book except for 1 - 8.5x11 sheet of notes.
Apr 26 Approximate grades for HW4: 13&up = A, 10&up = B.
Apr 23 Approximate grades for HW3: 15&up = A, 10&up = B.
Apr 11 HW4 has been posted on the calendar.
Apr 8For the remainder of the semester, office hours will be by appointment only. Please contact the instructor to make an appointment.
Apr 6Due to a scheduling conflict for many students in the class, the tentative plan is to cancel the last lecture (Tuesday May 11th) and instead have final project presentations on Wednesday May 12 from 1pm-5pm. Please contact the instructor ASAP if you are not available that afternoon. Note: Attendance at your classmates' presentations is mandatory.
Mar 22 Approximate grades for HW2: 17&up = A, 13&up = B.
Mar 18 Revised due dates for the homeworks & project proposal have been posted on the calendar. Also, a page with more information about the final project has been linked to the calendar.
Mar 18 HW3 has been posted on the calendar.
Mar 7 At this point in the term you have been asked to post comments on 9 readings. Approximate grades: 8 or more=A, 6 or more=B.
Mar 7The quizzes have been graded and will be handed back in class on Tuesday. The average was 33, standard deviation 7. Approximate grades for Quiz 1: 35&up=A, 30&up=B.
Mar 7 Approximate grades for HW1: 15&up=A, 10&up=B.
Approximate grades for HW0: 4.5&up=A, 4&up=B.
Feb 26 A previous year's quiz 1 has been posted on the calendar as study material. The quiz will be closed book except for 1 - 8.5x11 sheet of notes.
Feb 23 The deadline for homework 2 has been extended to Monday March 1st.
Feb 13 HW2 has been posted on the calendar.
Feb 10 Because the submission server is running an older version of unix/freeBSD that doesn't support unordered_map, it will give a compiler error when it tries to build the provided code. To fix the problem, please grab these new files: Makefile and hash.h, which adds another build target for unix that uses the older hash_map.
Feb 2 Please check the main page for updated office hours info.
Jan 31 HW1 has been posted on the calendar.
Jan 28 The homework submission link is now available on the general homework page. Prepare a zip file exactly as decribed on the Homework page. Include all .cpp and .h files, the Makefile, and a README.txt file. If you add any .cpp files, be sure to add them to the appropriate line in the Makefile. The FreeBSD server will unzip and attempt to compile your code with g++, and display the g++ output (unfortunately it's not set up to run or test your code in any way).
Jan 28 Due to a mistake in the scheduling office, our original lecture room was double booked and Advanced Computer Graphics has been moved to Ricketts 212. It will still meet on the same days at the same time. See you in the new room on Friday!
Jan 26 Tentative office hours for the TA & instructor have been posted. Please let us know if you can't make any of the office hours times. Send email to ask questions or to schedule an appointment outside of office hours. Check back next week to see if times/location have changed.
       Welcome to CSCI 4972/6963: Advanced Computer Graphics
The first day of class will be Tuesday January 26th, see you there!