CSCI 4530/6530 - Spring 2009
Advanced Computer Graphics
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Spring 2009 Final Projects

Mesh Difference Visualization and Attribute Validation
David Doria & Cody Phillips

Contour-Driven Terrain Meshing
Jeff Sult

Parallel Radiosity Using the Message Passing Interface
Josh Nasman & Jon Zolla

Music-based Procedural Generation of Plants
Jarrett Farnitano & Chris Jaeger

Fast Generation of Triangulated Irregular Networks
Jeremy Sachs

Hydraulic Erosion of Soil and Terrain
Atira Odhner & Joseph Fleming

Volume Lightning Rendering and Generation Using L-Systems
Chris LaPointe & Devin Stiert

Interactive Hair Simulation Using 2D Hair Strips
Sean Sullivan

Realistic Billiards Simulation with Variable Time-Step
Luke Anderson

Parallel Ray Tracing on the BlueGene/L
Abhiskek Mukherjee & Taro Omiya

Interactive Structural Analysis of Drawn Structures
Robert (Allan) Pendergrast

Aurora Rendering with Sheet Modeling Technique
Yi Xiang Ng

Automatic Smoothing of Quad and Triangle Meshes
Patrick Donnelly

Simulation of Levee Erosion
Zhongxian (Jonathan) Chen

Rendering of Caustics with Photon Maps
Eric Li & Andrew Dolce

Two-Pass Realtime Rendering of Mirage Effects
Justin White & Michael "Z" Goddard

Persistent Background Effects for Realtime Applications
Greg Lane

A Functional Scene Graph Interpreter
Corey Nolan
Here are the Final Project Guidelines.