CSCI 4530/6530 - Spring 2009
Advanced Computer Graphics
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Course Calendar

Note: Lecture topics are tentative and will be updated as the term progresses.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  Jan 13, Lecture 1:
Introduction & Transformations
  Jan 15, Homework 0:
OpenGL Warmup
Jan 16, Lecture 2:
Mesh Adjacency Data Structures & Mesh Simplification

Reading Due: "Progressive Meshes", Hoppe, SIGGRAPH 1996

Reminder: post your comments/questions on Rensselaer LMS by 10am

Jan 19
No Classes
Jan 20, Lecture 3:
Curves and Surfaces

Reading Due: (pick one)
"Free-form deformation of solid geometric models", Sederberg & Parry, SIGGRAPH 1986 (alternate link)

"Teddy: A Sketching Interface for 3D Freeform Design", Igarashi et al., SIGGRAPH 1999

    Jan 23, Lecture 4:
Subdivision Surfaces, part I

Reading Due: "Subdivision Surfaces in Character Animation", DeRose, Kass & Truong, SIGGRAPH 1998 (alternate link)

Jan 26, Last day to add courses Jan 27, Lecture 5:
Subdivision Surfaces, part II

Reading Due: "Piecewise Smooth Surface Reconstruction", Hoppe et al, SIGGRAPH 1994

  Jan 29, Homework 1:
Simplification & Subdivision

due @ 11:59pm
Jan 30, Lecture 6:
Particle Systems, Cloth Simulation

Reading Due: "Deformation Constraints in a Mass-Spring Model to Describe Rigid Cloth Behavior", Xavier Provot, 1995.

  Feb 3, Lecture 7:
Volumetric Data Structures, Collision Detection

Reading Due: "Untangling Cloth, Baraff, Witkin, & Kass, SIGGRAPH 2003.

    Feb 6, Lecture 8:
Navier-Stokes, Fluid Simulation

Reading Due: "Realistic Animation of Liquids", Foster and Metaxas, 1996.

  Feb 10, Lecture 9:
Inverse Kinematics

Reading Due: "Synthesis of Complex Dynamic Character Motion from Simple Animation", Liu & Popovic, SIGGRAPH 2002

  Feb 12, Homework 2:
Cloth & Fluid Simulation

due @ 11:59pm
Feb 13, Lecture 10:
Rigid Body Dynamics, Deformation, Fracture

Reading Due:"Graphical Modeling and Animation of Brittle Fracture" O'Brien & Hodgins, SIGGRAPH 1999

Feb 16
No Classes
Feb 17
Monday Schedule
    Feb 20, Lecture 11:
Ray Tracing & Distributed Ray Tracing

Reading Due: (pick two)
"An improved illumination model for shaded display" Turner Whitted, 1980.
(alternate link)

"Distributed Ray Tracing", Cook, Porter, & Carpenter, SIGGRAPH 1984.

"Interactive Depth of Field", Kass, Lefohn, and Owens, Pixar TR 2006.

  Feb 24
Quiz 1

Practice Problems

    Feb 27, Lecture 12:
Local vs. Global Illumination & Radiosity

Reading Due: "Modeling the interaction of light between diffuse surfaces" Goral et al, SIGGRAPH 1984.
(alternate link)

  Mar 3, Lecture 13:
Rendering Equation & Radiosity, part II

Reading Due: (pick one)
The Rendering Equation, Kajiya, SIGGRAPH 1986
(alternate link)

A Two-Pass Solution to the Rendering Equation: A Synthesis of Ray Tracing and Radiosity Methods, Wallace, Cohen, & Greenberg, SIGGRAPH 1987
(alternate link)

  Mar 5, Homework 3:
Distributed Ray Tracing & Radiosity

due @ 11:59pm
Mar 6, Lecture 14:

Last day to drop courses

Reading Due: (pick one)
Rendering Fake Soft Shadows with Smoothies, Chan & Durand, EGSR 2003

Rendering Lunar Eclipses, Yapo & Cutler, GI 2009

Mar 9-13, Spring Break, No Classes
  Mar 17, Lecture 15:
Graphics Pipeline

Reading Due: Ray Tracing on Programmable Graphics Hardware, Purcell, Buck, Mark, & Hanrahan, SIGGRAPH 2002

  Mar 19, Final Project Proposal & Background Research
due @ 11:59pm
Mar 20, Lecture 16:
Programmable GPUs

Reading Due:
An Approximate Image-Space Approach for Interactive Refraction, Chris Wyman, SIGGRAPH 2005

  Mar 24, Lecture 17:
Monte Carlo Rendering

Reading Due: "Efficient BRDF Importance Sampling Using a Factored Representation" Lawrence, Rusinkiewicz, & Ramamoorthi, SIGGRAPH 2004

    Mar 27, Lecture 18:
Sampling & Aliasing

Reading Due:
"Fast Bilateral Filtering for the Display of High-Dynamic-Range Images", Durand & Dorsey, SIGGRAPH 2002

  Mar 31, Lecture 19:
Irradiance Caching, Photon Mapping

Reading Due:
"Global Illumination using Photon Maps", Henrik Wann Jensen, Rendering Techniques 1996

Apr 1
No Classes
  Apr 3, Lecture 20:
Subsurface Scattering

Reading Due:
"A Practical Model for Subsurface Light Transport", Jensen, Marschner, Levoy, & Hanrahan, SIGGRAPH 2001

  Apr 7, Lecture 21:
Procedural Modeling

Readings Due: (pick one)
"An image synthesizer", Perlin, SIGGRAPH 1985

"Procedural Modeling of Buildings", Mueller, Wonka, Haegler, Ulmer & Van Gool, SIGGRAPH 2006

  Apr 9, Homework 4:
Stencil Buffer & GPU

due @ 11:59pm
Apr 10, Lecture 22:
Non-Photorealistic Rendering

Reading Due:
"Stylized rendering techniques for scalable real-time 3D animation", Lake, Marshall, Harris, and Blackstein, NPAR 2000

  Apr 14
Quiz 2

Practice Problems

    Apr 17, Lecture 23:
Texture Synthesis & Other Applications

Reading Due:
"Image Analogies", Hertzmann et al., SIGGRAPH 2001

  Apr 21, Lecture 24:
Final Project Presentations

2:00 Cody & David
2:24 Jeff
2:38 Josh & Jon Z.
3:02 Chris J. & Jarrett
3:26 Jeremy
3:40 done!

  Apr 23, Final Project Reports
due at 11:59pm
Apr 24, Lecture 25:
Final Project Presentations

2:00 Joseph & Atira
2:24 Chris L. & Devin
2:48 Sean
3:02 Luke
3:16 Abhishek & Taro
3:40 Allan
3:54 done!

  Apr 28, Lecture 26:
Final Project Presentations

2:00 Yi Xiang
2:14 Patrick
2:28 Jon C.
2:42 Eric & Andrew
3:06 Justin & Mike "Z"
3:30 Greg
3:44 Corey
3:58 done!

Apr 29
Last day of classes
May 4-8, Final Exams, No final for Advanced Computer Graphics