CSCI 4530/6530 - Spring 2010
Advanced Computer Graphics
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Academic Integrity

Spring 2010 Final Projects

Curling Simulation & Game
Jeremy Therrien & Mark Aversa
game code

Electromagnetics Simulator
Ryan Clark

Interactive Cloth Cutting Simulation
Devon Connell & Derek Connell

Architectural Daylighting Validation
Bill Davey

Realistic Fluid and Cloth Collision Simulation
Christian Grise & Matthew Nebel

Cinematic Particle Systems with OpenCL
Tim Horton

Jeff Hui

Visually Appealing Water Flow Over a Terrain
Eddie Lau

Interactive Tornado Simulation
Nick Coppola & Lincoln Tahara

Physically Correct Refractive Effects
Matthew Turnbull

Jello Simulation
Roy Wellington & Ben Boeckel

A Procedural Shader Language for Ray-Tracing Applications
Kristoffe Zehr

Procedural Generation of Dynamic Terrestrial Simulacra
Steve McKinney

Semi-Realistic Rendering of Fur via Shell Method
Artem Kochnev & Sloan Whitney

Modeling the Dynamics of Chalk: Methods for Efficient Approximation
Joshua Greenman

Terrain Mapping: Data Collection and ODETLAP
Jeff Frey & Michael Todd

Rendering Caustics Without Photon Maps
Kate Kelly & Paul DiPastina

Total Internal Refraction and Fiber Optics
Chris DiPastina

Path Tracing: A Non-Biased Solution to the Rendering Equation
Robert Carr & Byron Hulcher
Here are the Final Project Guidelines.