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Fall 2010 Competition

Fall ACM/UPE/RCOS programming competition is on Oct 23rd Saturday 1-5:00 pm in LOW 4050. Prizes are donated by

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Details are in Competition

Spring Competition - Spring 2010

It was on Saturday March 27th in Sage 4101. This competition is jointly done by UPE and RCOS. Prizes are donated by Bloomberg, Lockheed Martin and Vanguard.

Competition Photos

Spring 2010 Competition Photo
Spring 2010 Competition Photo
Spring 2010 Competition Photo

Programming Competition - Fall 2009

It is on November 7th Saturday from 1-5:00 pm . Please take a look at Programming Competition Website for Details.

Programming Competition- Fall 2008

Fall 2008

Programming Competition- Spring 2009

Spring 2009