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Useful Links

Here are some useful links.
  1. StackOverflow is a fantastic resource - there are some amazingly talented people on the forum - Thanks to Dave D and Joe D for the link.
  2. Dani Web mostly the c++ subforum, but they have just about every language you could want): Thanks to Dave D for the link
  3. Programming Examples Also, when Dev D sees a question asked over and over, Dave D makes an example of of it and put it here - Thanks to Dave D:
  4. Newbie guide
  5. Openhatch
  6. Hacker-Monthly Magazine
  7. Openhatch Volunteer help
  8. Humanitarian and Free and Open Source software
  9. Computer Science Books and Programming Books that need work - Open SOurce volunteers are welcome to contribute.
  10. Open Source Text Book
  11. Bob Sutor's(IBM)Open Source Reading Lists
  12. Bob Sutor's (IBM) Open Source Vs Open Standards
  13. Books available from another source (Open)
  14. Another effort in creating open source text book
  15. Best Practices to Succeed in a Software Project and Pitfalls of Failure by Rob Margolies and Chris Brown
  16. How to be a better programmer Short, Comprehensive, and Personal Summary Very informative piece


  1. Prof. and Dean Prabhat Hajela, Dean of Undergraduate Education,
  2. Prof.Mukkai Krishnamoorthy, Co-Director (2007-current ), Rensselaer Center for Open Source Software (RCOS),
  3. Prof. Badri Roysam, Co-Director (2007-2010), Rensselaer Center for Open Source Software (RCOS),