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Advanced Computer Graphics
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OpenGL/glut Installation Tips

Here are basic installation instructions to get you started. Please share any installation/compilation instructions you have for your specific environment.

Using Ubuntu (or another Debian system)

On Debian, you will need the following packages:
  • libglut3-dev
  • glutg3-dev
  • freeglut3-dev
  • build-essential
Open up a terminal and type:
  apt-get install libglut3-dev glutg3-dev freeglut3-dev

Notes for Fedora Core users

On Fedora Core you need to install:
  • freeglut
  • freeglut-devel
Using yum:
  yum install freeglut freeglut-devel
Using rpm:
  rpm -ivh freeglut-*
or download the rpm files and use:
  rpm -i freeglut-*

Using Visual Studio

Please see these detailed instructions by Chris Wyman at University of Iowa.

Using Dev C++

  • Click "Go To Download Page"
  • Download from SourceForge
  • Once program is installed and set up, go to Tools/Check for Updates/Packages
  • Choose Community Devpacks in the drop down menu
  • Find and download the FreeGlut, glut, OpenGL and OpenGlut packages
  • Once the download and installation (all automatic) are complete, choose a new project.
  • Under the MultiMedia tab, choose FreeGlut.
  • You're all set. Start coding!