CSCI 4530/6530 - Spring 2012
Advanced Computer Graphics
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Academic Integrity

Spring 2012 Final Projects

Adding Realistic Camera Effects to the Computer Graphics Camera Model
Ryan Baltazar

Extended Ray Tracer
Ken Bellows & Rory Murphy

Simulating Smoke with an Octree Data Structures and Ray Marching
Edward Eisenberger & Maria Montenegro

Advanced Real-Time Cel Shading Techniques in OpenGL
Adam Hutchins & Sean Kim

Hand Drawn Rendering
Matt McMullan & Ian Ooi

Methods For Better Color Tracking As an Extension To The Human Paintbrush
Tyler Sammann

Rendering Forests in Real-Time
Auston Sterling & Brendon Justin

Real-Time Fluids with Advanced Shaders
Kevin Todisco

Kind of Quick Ray Tracing
Greg Yauney

2D Paletted Lighting
Colin Neville

Simulation of High Viscosity Fluids
Kenny Du

Importing Custom Bump Mapped Surfaces
Paul Trestman & David Strohl
Here are the Final Project Guidelines.