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Spring 2014

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Academic Integrity


May 2

Quiz 2 average=40, stdev=5. Approximate grades: 41&up=A, 34&up=B.

May 1

Only 5/24 students have submitted their course evaluations through Digital Measures. Your feedback is very important, please submit your comments us.

Apr 10

Finally! A version of the HW4 code is ready for GLFW/GLM/GLEW! Please post on LMS or send email with bug fixes, especially on non-Mac platforms.

Mar 13

Grades for HW0, HW1, and HW2 are posted on the submission server.
(Click on the "TA grade" button.)
HW2 avg=17.3, Approximate grades for HW2: 18&up=A, 15&up=B
HW1 avg=17.3, Approximate grades for HW1: 18&up=A, 16&up=B
HW0 avg=5.3, Approximate grades for HW0: 5&up=A

Mar 8

GLFW/GLEW/GLM code for HW3 has finally been posted. The OpenGL rendering of textured faces is currently broken so it is disabled (let me know if you find the bug). I will be tweaking this code and will post and updated/debugged version.

Mar 3

The curve for quiz 1: 43&up = A, 35&up = B.

Feb 25

The deadline for HW2 has been extended to Monday Mar 3rd @ 11:59pm.

Feb 23

Practice problems for Exam 1 have be posted on the calendar.

Feb 20

The deadline for the 2nd progress post for HW2 has been extended to Monday Feb 24th.

Feb 13

After an epic battle, the GLFW/GLM/GLEW version of HW2 has been posted on the calendar.

Feb 12

The deadline for the first LMS progress post for HW2 has been pushed to Tuesday Feb 18th.

Feb 5

As announced in lecture yesterday.... HW0 must be submitted by Thursday Feb 6th 11:59pm to receive any points. The deadline for HW1 has been extended to Monday Feb 10th at 11:59pm.

Jan 30

An updated version of the HW1 code is now available. Version 2 fixes a few small compilation errors on other platforms, fixes a bug in loading of quad meshes, and uses shaders to create a clear wireframe visualization of boundary and crease edges.

Jan 28

The HW1 code port from GLUT to GLM/GLEW/GLFW is posted ready for beta testing. We will be updating the rendering code soon to better visualize the meshes edges (make them thicker and correctly render the color).

Jan 25

The Homework Submission link is now active. Please read the submission instructions carefully before submitting. Include a note in your README.txt indicating which version of the homework you are submitting (GLUT --or-- GLM/GLEW/GLFW). If you had any difficulties installing the graphics libraries or using CMake, please describe those issues and how you solved them.

Jan 25

The HW0 code port from GLUT to GLM/GLEW/GLFW is finally ready. The new version of the homework code is available from the calendar. Be sure to carefully follow the Graphics Library installation instructions and the CMake compilation instructions for your operating system.

Jan 7

Welcome to CSCI 4530/6530 Advanced Computer Graphics
The first day of class will be Tuesday January 21st, see you there!