Assignments and Exams
1. Your assignments are due before class starts on the due date.
2. You MUST type up your solutions. We recommend Latex: for example, sample.tex when latex-compiled into pdf produces this pdf.
If you insist on using Word, here is a helpuful hint on math symbols in Word.
3. You MUST start each problem on a new page. Do not submit code.
4. Write well, be brief, and to the point. Even if your solution is correct, if it is not well written you will not receive full points.
5. You MUST submit pdf electronically (see main page). We DO NOT accept email-submissions.

Assignments Past Quizzes and Exams

Quizzes Midterms Finals
F20: Q1 (sol)    Q2 (sol)    Q3 (sol) F20 (sol). F20 (sol).
F19: Q1 (sol)    Q2 (sol)    Q3 (sol) F19 (sol). F19 (sol).
F17: Q1 (sol)    Q2 (sol)    Q3 (sol) F17 (sol). F17 (sol).
F16: Q1 (sol)    Q2 (sol)    Q3 (sol) F16 (sol). F16 (sol).
F15: Q1 (sol)    Q2 (sol)    Q3 (sol) F15 (sol). F15 (sol).
F14 (sol). F14 (sol).